Rhian’s untold truth | The General’s Daughter Recap

Rhian's untold truth | The General's Daughter Recap

The General’s Daughter Recap Week 7 Part 2
The General’s Daughter March 7-8 Episode

Rhian’s (Angel Locsin) anonymous tip proves fruitful as Pascal (Ruben Maria Soriquez) finally falls into the hands of Ethan (JC de Vera) and his comrades. However, Franco (Paulo Avelino) manages to elude Ethan’s grasp. After another thwarted mission, Franco shares with Tiago (Tirso Cruz) his suspicion that there is a traitor within their ranks. Meanwhile, Amelia (Janice de Belen) blows her top when she learns that Tiago paid Corazon (Eula Valdez) a visit again. Elsewhere, bent on knowing the culprit behind the arson attack on Barrio Sto. Francisco, Isabelle (Maricel Soriano) decides to take matters into her own hands.

After being captured by Ethan’s troop, Pascal (Ruben Maria Soriquez) refuses to cooperate with Marcial (Albert Martinez) and instead threatens to hurt the latter’s family. Armando (Art Acuña), on the other hand, blames Franco (Paulo Avelino) for the failure of their operation. Meanwhile, Corazon (Eula Valdez) resolves to cut ties with Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) after having a misunderstanding with Amelia (Janice de Belen). Elsewhere, Rhian (Angel Locsin) manages to protect Isabelle (Maricel Soriano) from further harm. However, unable to keep her secret any longer, Rhian finally reveals to Isabelle the truth about her connection with Tiago.

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Episode Cast:
Angel Locsin (Rhian, Diana, Arabella) / Tirso Cruz III (Tiago) / Janice de Belen (Amelia) / Maricel Soriano (Isabelle) / Paulo Avelino (Franco) / JC de Vera (Ethan) / Ryza Cenon (Jessie) / Ruben Maria Soriquez (Pascal) / Eula Valdez (Corazon) / Albert Martinez (Marcial)


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