PHR Presents Los Bastardos Recap: Matteo mocks Menandro with his status as the new CEO

PHR Presents Los Bastardos Recap: Matteo mocks Menandro with his status as the new CEO

PHR Presents Los Bastardos: Week 13 Recap – Part 2
PHR Presents Los Bastardos: January 10 – 11 Episode

Determined to change Connor’s (Joshua Colet) ways, Don Roman (Ronaldo Valdez) asks an important favor from Isagani (Jake Cuenca). Caught off guard with the Cardinal patriarch’s request, Isagani finds himself weighing his options. Soon, the young Esperanza arrives at a tough decision. Unknown to them, Connor has something up his sleeves. Meanwhile, Matteo (Marco Gumabao) stuns Menandro (Lito Pimentel) and Dulce (Kylie Verzosa) with his announcement.

Isagani (Jake Cuenca) and his workers continuously taunt Connor (Joshua Colet) while he works at the former’s coconut plantation. Meanwhile, Matteo (Marco Gumabao) relentlessly rubs his new CEO status in Menandro’s (Lito Pimentel) face. Even though he is aware of his Cardinal blood, Matteo refuses to acknowledge it and ignores Lucas’ (Albie Casiño) pleas. Despite her problems at home, Dulce (Kylie Verzosa) expresses her true feelings for Isagani. Elsewhere, Alba (Isabel Rivas) forces Menandro to help her take down Don Roman (Ronaldo Valdez) using a footage that she has against him.

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Episode Cast:

Ronaldo Valdez (Don Roman) / Jake Cuenca (Isagani, Roman Jr.) / Albie Casiño (Lucas) / Joshua Colet (Connor) / Kylie Verzosa (Dulce) / Marco Gumabao (Matteo) / Lito Pimentel (Menandro) / Rosanna Roces (Irma) / Madeleine (Joyce Ann Burton) / Mary Joy Apostol (Coralyn) / Maxine Medina (Isay) / Isabel Rivas (Alba) / Efren Reyes Jr. (Bert)


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