Ipaglaban Mo Recap: Apelyido

Ipaglaban Mo Recap: Apelyido

Jessica (Desiree del Valle) lives in harmony with her husband, Harry (James Blanco). However, their happy marriage comes to an end when Harry discovers his wife’s dark secret— her previous marriage is not yet annulled. Devastated by the turn of events, Jessica decides to take their son, Zander (Charles Kieron), away from Harry. Because of this, Harry takes things into legal matters to fight for his rights as Zander’s father. As his family’s web of lies and secrets begins to unravel, Zander finds himself being denied of his real father’s surname.

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Recap Cast:

Atty. Jose Sison / Jopet Sison / CK Kieron (Zander) / James Blanco (Harry) / Desiree del Valle (Jessica) / Carla Martinez (Thelma) / Uno Bibo (young Zander) / uncredited (Carmina) / uncredited (Cherry)


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