Daniela and Marga take over the mansion | Kadenang Ginto Recap

Daniela and Marga take over the mansion | Kadenang Ginto Recap

Kadenang Ginto: Week 22 Recap – Part 2
Kadenang Ginto March 7-8, 2019 Episode

Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) finds herself in a tough spot after learning that she cannot bail herself out of jail. Because of this, Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes) take advantage of the situation to take over the mansion. The two also try to drive Cassie (Francine Diaz) out of the manor. Cassie, on the other hand, stands her ground and refuses to leave her home. In order to settle the Mondragon and Bartolome’s dispute, Esther (Susan Africa) tries to knock some sense to Daniela.

Tasked to carry out Robert’s (Albert Martinez) wishes, Bernard (Arnold Reyes) dissuades Daniela (Dimples Romana) from taking over the mansion. The woman refuses to budge, believing that she has full rights to her father’s properties. However, she lets Cassie (Francine Diaz) stay on the condition that the young Mondragon will follow all her rules. Daniela then enlists Marga’s (Andrea Brillantes) help in making Cassie regret her decision to fight for her place in the manor. Meanwhile, Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) begs her lawyer to get her out of jail as soon as possible so she can protect her daughter from Daniela’s wrath.

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Episode Cast:

Beauty Gonzalez (Romina) / Susan Africa (Esther) / Francine Diaz (Cassandra, Cassie) / Adrian Lindyag (Neil) / Joko Diaz (Hector) / Eric Fructuoso (Alvin) / Arnold Reyes (Bernard) / Kyle Echarri (Kristoff, Tope) / Dimples Romana (Daniela) / Andrea Brillantes (Marga) / Adrian Alandy (Carlos) / Albert Martinez (Robert) / Josh Ivan Morales (Jepoy) / uncredited (Paco) / (uncredited) Atty. Sanchez


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