Cheap Eats Manila: Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro Quezon City

Cheap Eats Manila: Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro Quezon City

Best Chinese Restaurant Manila: Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro Quezon City. Sha Tin Courtyard Bistro is officially the best designed and highly affordable authentic Chinese restaurant we have been to in the Banawe Quezon City area of Metro Manila and well worth the drive from Makati. This 2 storey 700 square meter restaurant seats 280 guests was opened in November 2017 by Jerry and Jerrinah Cheng whose family also owns the Frazzled restaurant in Quezon City. In charge of the Kitchen is Chef Lucky from Guangzhou and he informed us that they fly in most of their greens from Hong Kong daily.

From their extensive menu starting with the dimsum we would highly recommend the Prawn Hakao, Kuchai Scallop Dumpling, Shrimp Rice Roll, Beancurd Roll, Radish Cake and Taro Puff. From their Cantonese BBQ make sure to order their Peking Duck and Jelly Fish with Preserved Eggs. We would also highly recommend the Steamed Shrimps with Vermicelli and Garlic, Prawns in Special Sauce, Beef and Bitter Gourd, Beef Ribs in Truffle Sauce, Scallop and Wintermelon Soup, Stewed Short Ribs with Cordycepts Flower, Stewed Pigeon with Yam and Wolfberry Soup, Green Beans with Garlic, Choy Sum with Garlic, Beef Noodles in Black Bean Sauce, Yang Chow Fried Rice and for dessert the Almond Lychee and Mango Sago.

Sha Tin Courtyard Chinese Bistro
133 Santo Domingo corner Del Monte Avenue
Quezon City
Tel: +63 921 382 7221
Operational Hours: Daily 11AM – 11PM

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